One for One

In order to force myself to work on my parry/riposte game (which needs to improve — no, make that exist — for me to get where I want to be), I decided that for my practice bouts, I’m going to limit myself to one attack for each parry I at least attempt. Started that last night, and the results — well, they showed that I have a lot to work on. Need to get back more on my retreats — that’s a simple matter of keeping distance. Not keeping distance is leaving me too vulnerable to straight attacks, and when I do parry, my blade gets bound with my opponent’s on the riposte. If I can stick with this one-for-one committment, I hope to get enough experience to make my parry/riposte at least partly effective.

I’m also abandoning my single-word blog post titles. No way I was going to keep up that committment!


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