Summers 10C

[For today’s post, I’m resuming my experiment with incorporating the Weekly Writing Challenge from The Daily Post into the narrative flow of whatever I’m currently developing. This week’s challenge is to tell the same story from two or more unique perspectives. My twist on this challenge is to provide the perspective of three different characters using a different method for each.]

“You know I’m right, Jane.” Gary’s tone was authoritative yet reassuring, the voice of a coach delivering a pep talk to a promising young athlete. “I see it in the way you run the meetings with the city. You’ll be the only one in the room who doesn’t have at least their PE, but you’re in charge. You’re speaking to an engineer with twenty years experience, and you’ve got no fear about pointing out errors in their calculations.”

Arjie had walked behind Gary, the younger man standing with arms folded across his chest, nodding in agreement as Gary continued. “You’re the best CAD operator I’ve ever worked with, Jane, but it’s painfully obvious that you not only have the intelligence, but the interest to be an engineer. And a damn good one at that.” Arjie raised his eyebrows, his nod of agreement noticeably less enthusiastic. “So, you mind telling me — what the hell is holding you back?”

Jane stared back at Gary placidly, as she considered her response. You ever notice, she considered saying, that during those meetings with the city, I’m the only female in the room? She doubted very much he had, for while Gary was undoubtedly insightful and compassionate, he was also notorious for overlooking the obvious. Crasob Engineering only employed two female engineers, both of whom had confessed their professional frustration in private to Jane. They found it difficult to be taken seriously by the city engineers, the same people who often seemed open to Jane’s suggestions. Jane often wondered if her position as “just a CAD operator” gave her an outsider’s advantage not available to a female engineer. Or whether she was just more assertive, more articulate, or well let’s just say it, more intelligent than her colleagues.

Jane wasn’t entirely sure. But she was certain this wasn’t the time to discuss such possibilities. “Nothing’s holding me back, Gary. I just — like being a CAD operator.”

Gary uttered a sound that was something of a cross between a cough and a moan. “Jane, you’re making a mistake.” Standing behind Gary, Arjie smiled his eyes wide, and nodded enthusiastically.

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