Summers 9A

[For a synopsis of the story so far, click here]

Swiveling in his chair behind his large oak desk, Sumeet Patel watched Jane scan through the shelves of his office. He liked to collect and display curiosities, finding their presence helped him relax. And over his years of practice, he also discovered they were a great benefit to his patients, or at least in his analysis and treatment of them.

Jane stopped at a bookshelf to Sumeet’s left. She pointed to an orange spherical object, about the size of a baseball. She turned to him, her voice filled with curiosity. “Is that what I think it is?”

Sumeet nodded. “Yes. It is a mosquito, trapped in amber. Like in ‘Jurassic Park.'” He brought a hand quickly up to his mouth. “Ah — you have seen — ”

Jane frowned, nodded. “Yeah, they made ‘Jurassic Park’ in the world I came from.” She glanced back at the block of amber, then back at Sumeet. “Are you into fossils?”

“Not really.” Sumeet placed his hands on the desk, pushed himself out of his chair. He walked over to the block of amber, lifted it from the shelf, and motioned for her to take it. Which she did. “This was a gift, from my father. He gave this to me on my thirtieth birthday, when I was back home, in India. I had just earned my license, the final step in becoming a permanent resident here in America. That visit, my birthday — everyone in my family knew it would be a long time before I would be coming back.”

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