Summers 7D

Jane finished entering her new password, and pressed Enter. Arjie nodded, both in appreciation and relief, and pointed at the screen. “Now we’re getting the desktop.”

“Hey!” For the first time that morning, Jane seemed excited. “Those look like the apps on my smart phone.” She leaned forward, pressed her index finger against the monitor screen.

Arjie grabbed her wrist, pulled her arm back. “It’s not a touch screen. This isn’t a smart phone, it’s a computer.”

“Oh.” Jane was genuinely disappointed, because with Wings’ help over the past several evenings she had become quite comfortable using her smart phone. It was this experience that had convinced her not to bring a notebook to her training session with Arjie. She’d begun by reading user manuals for her phone, but found most of them dull and unhelpful. It was Wings who suggested she just play with it, ask questions when she got stuck and get help if something went wrong. You don’t do no reading about technology, Wings had told her, you use it. Wings had been great, coming over every evening for several hours, sitting on the couch with both legs curled up under her,  watching television or using her own smart phone and occassionally serving as Jane’s instrutor, savior, or sounding board.


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