Summers 7C

Arjie walked Jane through the process of logging on to the Crasob network with her laptop, explaining that he had IT reset her password the other day. Jane entered the password, and pressed the Enter key.

Jane stared at the screen in confusion. then turned to Arjie. “Change Password? I thought you said it was already changed.”

Arjie nodded. “This happens whenever your password’s reset. Your new password’s only temporary, you have to change it after you use it.”

Jane raised her eyebrows, turned back to the screen. “That sucks.” She looked down at the keyboard, quickly pressed several keys, then pressed Enter. The message on the screen changed. “I have to enter it again?”

Arjie raked his stringy brown hair with the fingers of his right hand. “You have to confirm it, so that the computer knows you typed it in right.”

“But I did type it in right. How does the computer know I didn’t do it right the second time?”

“Just — ” Arjie straightened himself in his chair, exhaled heavily. “This is going to be a long day, isn’t it?”

Jane rubbed her temple. “Look, I’m sorry.” She turned to Arjie and smiled, the sunlight from an exterior window beaming in and highlighting her long blonde hair. “You’re doing me a real favor here, and I appreciate it. I’ve been a real pain in the ass so far — I’ll try to behave.”

Arjie closed his eyes, and returned her smile as they re-opened. “Gary and I thought this was the best way to help you start feeling like yourself again. It’s OK — Gary’s ordering today, and I always enjoy free food.”

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