Summers 7B

The CAD Room of Crasob Engineering was empty this Saturday morning, save for Arjie and Jane. Gary was also in the building, perhaps in his office, perhaps the Milwaukee conference room, looking to avoid the distraction of his desk phone ringing.

Jane pointed at the monitor. “What the hell does that mean?”

Arjie answered like a teacher giving a lesson from her head rather than her heart. “You have to hit three keys to get to the login screen.” He nodded down at the keyboard, then motioned for Jane to roll her chair up to the desk.

Jane complied, looking down at the keyboard like it was a mysterious meal. “You mean this typewriter?”

Keyboard.” Arjie leaned towards Jane, the impatience on his face turning his goatee into a dagger. “Look, I know this is all strange to you, but if these Computer 101 lessons are going to work, you’ve got to stop thinking the world should be like you think you remember it was, but what it actuallly is. And this — ” he slapped the keyboard without looking — “is a keyboard. Got it?”

Jane threw up her hands. “OK! It’s a keyboard.” She rolled her chair up to the desk. “So you want to show me how to — log into this thing?”

Arjie sighed, showed her the keys used to get to the login screen. Jane decided not to ask why, since the keys were certainly wide enough, why the Control and Alternate keys weren’t fully labeled.


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