Knew this day was coming, as certainly as I know this won’t be the last time I’ll have a day like this.

Got totally smoked in the pools — five bouts, one (yes, that’s one) touch. Got two, maybe three touches in my DE. DFL? Oh yeah.

But today felt like progress nonetheless. I abandoned my spastic aggression — think Daffy Duck with a sword — and focused on observing rather than acting. Had I fenced like I had before, I probably would have gotten a few more touches. But the problem with the spaz game is that it has no potential — it’s exciting, it can win a bout here and there against other newbies, it might even produce a touch here and there against an experienced fencer. A spaz can have a lot of fun fencing.

But to get where I want to be in this sport, where I think I can get — I have to change my game. To act not for the sake of doing something, but with a purpose. And today my focus was on observing my opponents, figuring out what they were trying to do, seeing the action. Now today I didn’t respond well to what I saw, but at least I saw it — and that’s progress.


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