Summers 6C

Brad walked over to the sofa, picked up his jacket and flung it across the room, landing in Jane’s favorite chair. He threw his body down into the cushions, raising his arms so that they rested on the back, then quickly shifted his legs so that they rested, left leg over right, on top of the coffee table.

He pointed his chin in Jane’s direction as she entered from the kitchen. “We still have time to run up to Wisconsin.” His family had a lakeside cabin.

Jane shook her head, as she walked over to her chair. “Can’t go.” She lifted his jacket from the chair, continued without looking at him. “I’ve — got something I need to do at the office tomorrow.” She turned, smiling as she flung the jacket back at Brad, who caught it before it landed on his face.

Throwing the jacket behind him, Brad replied in a tone that suggested he was going to continue offering suggestions until he heard yes. “When are you done? We can head up after, I’ll make you a nice dinner.”

Jane sat in her chair, holding a large mug of herbal tea with both hands. She sighed heavily, as if the weight of her unspoken thoughts burdened her — I have no idea how we’d get up there. Wings is going to take me to a parking lot tomorrow night after I get back from my computer training tomorrow. I remember learning how to drive when I was a teenager, back when cars were still all over the place — back in the world I remember. But it’s been years since I’ve been behind a wheel, and I’ve already checked, in this world there’s few intercity bus lines, and Metra is a joke. Unless you did all the driving, I simply can’t go to Wisconsin. I can’t go anywhere, really, until I either figure out how to get back to the world I remember, or I learn to adjust to this world.


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