Summers: Synopsis

Jane Summers, a 38-year-old employee at Crasob Engineering in Chicago, wakes one morning and believes the world around her has suddenly changed. The transportation infrastructure that she remembers has largely disappeared, and the telecommunications technology she now sees — smart phones, laptop computers, the Internet — is completely foreign to her.

She arrives at work and tells her story to her supervisor, Gary, and her colleague Arjie. They don’t know quite what to make of her bizzare story, but they volunteer to help her. She also confides in Wings, the sister of a friend from Jane’s college days.

Gary sets up an appointment for Jane with Dr. Sumeet “Sam” Patel, a psychiatrist friend of his. Jane reluctantly keeps the appointment, but soon warms to his genial yet firm manner, and agrees to a series of counseling sessions.

That Friday evening, Jane goes to a concert with her boyfriend, Brad. When Brad suddenly proposes to her, she nearly weeps with confusion, and convinces Brad to put off his proposal.

Through the assistance of Gary and Arjie, who help her re-learn her job, and Wings, who teaches her how to use her smart phone, Jane quickly adopts to her new world. But her mother, after hearing Jane’s story over the phone, rushes up to Chicago to offer her aid.

Meeting at Gary’s home, Dr. Patel provides his diagnosis — Jane is delusional, but is otherwise sane and functional. Jane thanks Dr. Patel for his assistance, but does not commit to the medical treatment that he prescribes for her.


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