Summers 1C

Jane Summers stared at the device, her eyes squinting in focus as she waited for its next sound, or message. A moment later, the words and numbers disappeared, blackness covering the face of the device. Her eyes scanned the surface, focused on the bottom, to a circular area impressed into the device, a beveled square in the middle. She put her right thumb over the circle — nothing happened. As she brought her thumb away she inadvertently pressed the circle — she felt the circle give, and gasped as the time, date, and slide to unlock message displayed again.

She pressed the circle again, feeling the same give, but the device did not change. She scanned other areas of the device — there was a small slit toward the top. She flipped the device in her hands, looked at the top edge. There was a small button on the right side, a hole on the left. She quickly examined the other sides, saw more buttons and slots. The back side (she assumed it was the back, it hadn’t shown any letters or numbers) had an image on it, an image that definitely seemed etched into the device, that displayed regardless of what button she pushed. It was roundish, with dimples at top and bottom and what looked like a dent on its right side. Above the roundish image was — a small football?

She was about to examine the writing at the bottom of the back side, when her telephone began to ring.

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