Changing the pace

Over the past year, I’ve been revising portions from the first four chapters of my (still) unnamed novel about the Bark Bay High School fencing team. Been generally satisfied with my revisions, even though I didn’t like how “Return of Myles” ended (can’t let the fencing team be so passive in response to Myles’ tantrum — oh sure, go ahead and insult us, we don’t mind).

It’s time to move on to Chapter 5, and beyond. But, before I resume work on the novel, there’s this story idea that’s been kicking around in my mind for fifteen years that I’ve got to get out. I’ve shared this idea with several people, and they’ve all encouraged me to get the story written. Now that I’ve developed some confidence in my writing through this blog, I think it’s time to act upon their suggestion.

Those of you who’ve followed my fencing team novel, I hope you bear with me as I extend my arms, cross fingers of both hands, and push my palms forward, as I begin my next writing experiment.

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