Return of Myles 2U

[Author’s Note: I’ve decided on a different spelling for this character. I’ll keep the category title the same.]

“Done.” Myles grabbed the bib of his fencing mask, pulled forward and up to reveal his face, which looked less tired than it had when the game had started mere moments before. He waved a salute at Butch without looking at him. “Another game, anyone? Or a one-on-one bout?” Myles pointed his foil at Rex, raised his eyebrows.

Coach Dan stepped towards the young man who had come within three touches of winning last year’s State fencing tournament. “Think we’re about done for today, sorry.”

Myles turned to his former coach, looking perplexed and annoyed. He then glanced up at the large clock in the Bark Bay High School cafeteria. The thin red second hand ticked loudly as it moved from 3 to the next hash. “It’s 4:30, coach. Don’t you still have the cafeteria until 5?”

Coach Dan closed his eyes, nodded with a smile. He turned at the sound of Butch’s voice. “Coach, didn’t we stay until 5 the last two weeks?” Coach Dan held out his right hand, like a traffic cop commanding a vehicle to stop. “Yes, we usually stay until 5.” He turned to Myles, locking his gaze onto the young man’s eyes before continuing. “But today, I think we need to end now.”

Kassie said they needed to stay, that they should let happen what needed to happen. Myles pointed his foil in her direction. “What she said, I guess.”


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