Star Trek: Into Darkness

First, the good: I enjoyed “Star Trek: Into Darkness.” The actors portraying the classic Star Trek characters seemed more comfortable with their roles than they did in the first film, in which many seemed more intent on impersonating the original actors rather than playing their roles. The action is fast-paced without being dizzying, and the storyline provides an interesting commentary, whether intended or not, on current international politics.

The bad: while I enjoyed the surprise reference to the earlier films in the series (and for the sake of fans who haven’t seen the film, I’ll stop there), I think it’s way past time to cut the cord. Put another way, you shouldn’t have to see the Shatner/Nimoy films in order to fully appreciate the Pine/Quinto series. No more plots from earlier films (and please, no whales); I love Leonard Nimoy, but I don’t care to see him or any other original series actors.

I think the next Star Trek film will be crucial to the continuation of the franchise. If they continue with the pastiche, I think they’ll lose the younger audience, and that will be the end. But if they can take the core of this great saga and (OK, I’ll do it) boldly go where no Star Trek film has gone before, I think they’ll have a good chance of continuing the series far into the future.

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