Return of Miles 1S

Rex replaced Double-J on strip, Miles turning down Annie’s offer to double up. Having seen how labored his breathing had been at the conclusion of his previous match, Annie was certain Miles would wilt in his second bout. Yet he instead seemed to gain strength as his bout with Rex progressed. This was also something she remembered seeing in Miles, the way his energy would increase when he advanced in each round of his DEs. His opponents’ shoulders were stooped from exhaustion, yet he would stand tall, confident, ready to exploit his advantage.

Rex scored the first touch, Miles missing on a riposte and being hit on the remise. Miles probed a few attacks, Annie recognizing that he was more interested in observing Rex’ reaction than in scoring touches. Rex parried, riposted — Miles counter-parried, his riposte landing. Miles pressed the attack, lunging this time with intent, scored two more touches. When Rex finally parried and scored on a riposte, Miles changed his strategy, waited for his opponent to commit himself. Rex searched for a weakness, but finding none, lost the bout, 5-2.

Miles was ebullient when he shook Rex’ hand after the bout. “I’m feeling it, man, I’m feeling it!” He hardly seemed out of breath, as he turned to Annie and motioned for her to take Rex’ place. This time, she didn’t even bother to ask if he’d like a break.


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