Coach Time 7E

“So I ask Lefty, can I talk to that young man?, and he’s like sure, so he goes to get him. Minute later the youth I saw in the lounge, he walks through the door, and his hair’s even more messed up than before, it looks like something out of Mardi Gras.

“I says to him, Lefty tells me you just saved me a whole bunch of money on that brake job. He just shrugs. Then I make some dumb comment about how young he looks, and how I was surprised that Lefty hired people so young. And then he snorts, says that’s ‘cuz he never officially hired me. And I’m like, get out, but he just shakes his head, he can’t, well he could now but when I started, state law said I was too young to work, so he started paying me under the table and we just kept doing that.

Coach Dan nodded. “Double-J’s told me that too, that he and Lefty are all off the books.”

Jimmy turned his head toward Coach Dan. “Figure that arrangement don’t work out best for that young man.”

“You figure right. One of the teachers here, his wife’s an accountant, I asked her to look into Double-J’s finances. He only agreed when she said she was donating her time. Couple months later I asked her at a faculty party, and she said he was making about half what an experienced auto mechanic should make in this area.”

Jimmy turned his attention back to the cafeteria doors. “Makes sense. I could tell by the way he talked to me that day, he was one to want to walk a lonely path.”

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