Coach Time 7D

“You seemed to know Double-J pretty well.” Coach Dan realized he was speaking in the same tone he used when soliciting a response from his students.

Jimmy shrugged, forearms still resting on his knees as he reclined against the short cafeteria wall in front of the stage. “Brake light on the delivery van flipped on last year, so I took it in to Lefty’s. Tells me it would take him a while to get it fixed and I was like, I’ll wait here. So I’m in that little waiting room they have, trying to find a magazine, and in walks this young man.” Jimmy held out his hands in front of him, shoulder-wide. “He’s got this hair, it’s all black and stringy and wild, like he’s just got himself electrocuted.

“I says hello, and he grunts, heads towards the vending machine. Without looking at me, he asks, you the guy with the van? And I go yeah, and he says found the problem, just had to bleed the brake lines, we’re just about done. And then I thank him, but he just grunts, gets his thing from the machine, walks out without looking back at me.

“Little while Lefty, he come in, says I’m all set. I go to pay, he tells me how much and I’m like, get out, that’s all? And Lefty motions back to the shop with his thumb, says he’s got this new kid working for him, calls himself Double-J. And I says, he the one with the hair, and Lefty’s like, oh yeah.

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