Coach Time 6T

“Taking the blame for the good of the team. How noble.” Double-J’s voice secreted sarcasm. “And I expect you’re looking for me to join you on the high road? Perhaps riding a horse as high as yours?”

Coach Dan figured it was best not to reply.

“Coach, you’ve been looking for me to play your game all evening.” Double-J swept his right arm above the restaurant table. “Think it should be clear to you now that I’ll never play along, never pretend that this decision is anything other than it is — taking what belongs to me, and giving it to someone who doesn’t deserve it.”

Coach Dan watched as Double-J rose from his chair. “If it makes you feel any better, yeah I’ll be at Annie’s party a week from Saturday. Jimmy’s food is always good. But what happens after that — I still haven’t figured that out yet.”

Coach Dan lifted his chin, cleared his throat. “Just think about — what we talked about this evening. As you figure out what to do after Saturday.”

Double-J shrugged, then put his right arm through his thick down jacket. He looked down at Coach Dan. “Thanks for picking up the tab.” And then the burly teen turned, wrestled his left arm up and into his jacket, and walked toward the exit door.

End of sixth coaching session

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