Ride 4E

Kassie knew that Butch also had an agenda, but the fact that she knew about it made Butch’s agenda different from Annie’s. Son of the Rev. Goodman, Butch was an outspoken evangelist, pushing the limits of the school board’s rules regarding the handout of flyers for his youth group, prayers during after-school activites, open challenges to his biology teacher.

And yet, for all his evangelical outspokenness during school, Butch was not like that at all during fencing practice. Had Coach Dan talked to him — intelligent, egalitarian, and yes, Jewish, Coach Dan? Or had Annie, whose family was no friend of any organized religion, pulled him aside and liad down the law with Butch?

Or could it have been the young man (she didn’t think of him as a kid, or a teen) sitting in the driver’s seat? Double-J, his short but powerful body seeming to push out on his down jacket, seemingly on the verge of splitting, erupting? Kassie sensed that Double-J would not have shown the diplomacy she was sure Coach Dan would have demonstrated, would not have bothered with Annie’s rationality. No, Kassie was sure that Double-J would have been able to silence Butch merely by the force of his personality.

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