Ride 4D

Rex presented himself as an open book, yet he was also clearly a man with secrets, hiding the chapters of his life he did not want read. It wasn’t a hidden agenda like the one Kassie felt that Annie always seemed to have. While open with her advice, most of it quite useful, Annie’s wisdom always seemed to come with an obligation — use this information well, or don’t use it at all. Kassie felt that Annie wanted her to succeed as proof of her wisdom.

Bernie seemed the friendliest of the group. The greasy-haired boy did not have Annie’s agenda, or Rex’s secretiveness. When showing Kassie how to hold her weapon (elbow in, angle the forearm out, hand in, make kind of a goose neck shape with your arm) or in talking about Coach Dan (he’s a perfectionist, but he’s patient too), Bernie always seemed gracious.

Yet Kassie sensed there was something not quite right about Bernie. He had a mercurial disposition, at one moment calm and the next VIOLENTLY angry, sometimes over a trivial matter. Of all the team members, Bernie was the only one who scared Kassie.

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