Ride 4B

“Come on, close the door.” Double-J’s voice was polite yet impatient.

Kassie, her right foot still resting outside the frame of the open passenger door, looked over at Double-J in the driver’s seat. She realized that in the weeks she had been going to fencing, Double-J was the one person she had never really interacted with. She spent most of her time with Annie, full of energy and enthusiasm, her brown pony tail seeming to prance with excitement as she demonstrated proper footwork (toes up, push from the heel), or described that bout last spring with Francis Pine he got the first three touches but then I hit him with a parry riposte and then another and then he was all like I’ve had enough of this and he threw these long lunges at me I’ll be ready for him he’s at the Academy my brother is his friend.

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