Ride 4A

November. The second Tuesday.

Bythetimeshehadexplainedthathermotherwasataradiostationrecordingacommercial, Kassie saw that Double-J had already pulled into the driveway of her home. He turned, left hip brushing the steering wheel, and looked at her.

“Super Saver? The grocery store?” Kassie nodded. Double-J frowned, the thin black wires of his hair waving as she shook his head. “Christ. Hate that place. She doesn’t sing this time, does she?” Kassie said she did not know. “Huh. No offense, I like your mom and all, but singing’s not her thing.”

Kassie opened the door of the coupe, thanked Double-J for the ride home from fencing practice. “When’s she coming home?” Kassie shrugged, said she wasn’t sure, if the radio station had more work for her she might be home real late. She swung her right leg out of the coupe.

“Hmmm. Hold on.” Kassie flinched reflxively as Double-J’s right hand reached out and grasped the front of her left upper arm. After a series of questions about her mother, he verbally concluded that she would not be home in time for dinner that evening, a statement Kassie confirmed. “So you’re eating by yourself?” Kassie replied she was going to make herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. “That sounds dull. Come on, get back in, we’ll pick up something a drive-thru.”

Kassie replied that she did not eat hamburgers. “Vegetarian?” She nodded. “S’okay, we’ll find you something.” Double-J turned, his squat body now facing forward, reached with his right hand and put his coupe into reverse. Foot on the brake, he turned his head towards Kassie.

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