Ride 3K

Bernie reclined in the back seat of Coach Dan’s sedan, his body straddling the center between driver and passenger. He already knew what Rex’s response would be, knew that the lanky teen would not accept their coach’s challenge to claim the position of fencing team captain. Rex not only never showed interest in being captain, he routinely replied with a curt You don’t want me as your captain whenever asked if he were interested.

But he’d never explained why, had always refused to provide additional information to his teammates. You just don’t want me as your captain.

Bernie sat forward again, arms resting on the backs of the front seats, brushing his oily hair from his eyes before he settled his head down on his hands. He sensed that with Coach Dan now presenting the argument, Rex would be finally forced to actively play the role of his own devil’s advocate, to provide his rationale for not desiring to be captain.

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