Ride 3I

“I think we do a good job of finnding our own solutions.”

Coach Dan nodded, his eyes remaining focused on the road. Bernie heard the hum of the sedan’s engine, the reverberating rumble of rubber tires on pavement.

“You get along with each other well. But what happens when you face a crisis, something like Vash’s Walking Mask? I’m concerned that if something like that happens, the fact that the team gets along so well will actually work against you. Because somebody will have to take charge, make a decision that won’t be popular with everybody, maybe with anybody. That’s a quality that Miles had, he wasn’t afraid to do what he knew what needed to be done, didn’t care about what people thought about him so long as he knew he was doing the right thing. That’s why I think the team needs a captain, somebody who can take charge when the need arises.”

“So if you ask me,” Rex replied, “the person you need as captain is Double-J. He’s never shy about taking charge.”

Coach Dan sighed heavily. Bernie sensed that his coach’s next words were being carefully chosen, as if he were carrying a heavy object across a partially frozen lake.

“Being decisive is important, yes. But its not the same as leadership. Double-J makes decisions based on his own sense of right and wrong, he doesn’t think about what’s best for the team. Miles was always thinking about what was best for the team — that’s what I think you need in a captain.”

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