Ride 3F

“But the fencing team’s not about numbers,” Rex quickly replied. Point in line, Bernie thought, attack is on the right. “There’s a few schools in our region that never have but more than two, three fencers. But those teams keep coming back every year, because they always find that one or two people who care enough about the sport to keep the team going.”

Coach Dan replied with a soft “hmm.” Lunge right, parry left, no riposte.

“That’s something we got now that we didn’t have two years ago. Back when Miles and I joined, it was more a club, kids playing with swords after school. Did you have anyone competing back then?”

“No.” Remise, touch right!

“We’ve got four now, and if Butch and Kassie stick with it, that will make six. We’ve never had six fencers in competition before.” Lunge right! “And we’re going to get there with or without a captain.” Disengage! “It’s not about quantity, coach, it’s about quality. No we don’t have as many fencers as we did last year, but we’re more of a team. We’re not bigger, but we are stronger. Strong enough to survive without a captain.”

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