Practice time is over

I started the “Practice” arc with the goal of capturing the spirit, the energy of a typical fencing practice at Bark Bay High School. These were very experimental posts — I deliberately set up conversations which I knew were unrealistic, in order to facilitate a conversation among characters or explore the perspective of an individual. That’s why Rex and Double-J kept showing up and leaving — I brought them in when I wanted to explore their characters, took them out when I wanted to turn the focus elsewhere.

Got some satisfaction at the start (which is why I continued the experiment), but now that Jimmy’s been introduced to everyone I’m not sure where to take this arc (which is why I’m ending it). Finding an expanded role for Jimmy has been something I’ve contemplated ever since I brought him onstage in the Chapter 4 draft — if I keep anything from these experiments, it will be how Jimmy makes his re-appearance.

So now, it’s on to different vehicles for exploring my characters. And I chose the word vehicles deliberately, as the next several posts will take place almost exclusively in cars.

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