Practice 2W

Coach Dan stood along the long edge of a white rectangle among the sea of black tiles on the cafeteria floor, and motioned to the edge of another rectangle, three black square tiles away. Butch, Bernie, Kassie, Annie, and Rex formed a line along the line separating black from white, bent their knees into en garde position. Double-J held back from the line, uncertain not on what to do but rather his willingness to participate.

“Over here,” Jimmy called, motioning for Double-J to join him in the row of white rectangles to the team’s right. Jimmy got in position in line with Coach Dan, and pointed to the white rectangle opposite him, in line with but still apart from the rest of the team.

Double-J looked over at Jimmy, did not move from his position, several feet behind the line. Standing, neither particpating nor refusing to participate, just — standing. He looked at Coach Dan, then at his teammates, their bodies facing Coach Dan, but everyone’s eyes turned towards him.

His move. He smiled, appreciating the power of his position, before finally saying, “OK then, let’s get started,” and getting in line opposite Jimmy, crouched into en garde position.

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