Practice 2V

“You do epee?” Jimmy turned in the direction of Rex’s question, his smile filled with hyperbolic exhaustion.

“Patience, young man. As I’ve been saying, it’s been ten years since I’ve touched any weapon — foil, sabre, or epee. Let me work with your friend Double-J over here — ” he turned in Double-J’s direction — “I assume you don’t take offense at the word ‘friend’?”

Double-J shrugged, shook his head, the thin black wires of his hair waving chaotically.

“I can do sabre as well.”

“Patience, patience.”

“All right then.” Coach Dan stepped into the approximate center of the irregular circle formed by the Bark Bay High School fencing team. “You’ve all had a chance to meet Jimmy. We’ve got, what, about 30 minutes left,” glancing quickly at the large clock above the kitchen windows. “Let’s line up, get some footwork drills, then do some sparring — give Jimmy a chance to feel what it’s like to weild a weapon again.”

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