Practice 2S

“So what parts of you are here today?” Jimmy was not able to remove all sarcasm from his voice. “Just your body, or your mind as well?”

Kassie stared back at Jimmy as she considered how she should respond. Direct confrontation, I don’t need to listen to this — no, not her style. Breezy dismissal, does it really matter — no, it does matter. Comic non-answer, well I’m talking to you now and you’re close enough to smell my breath, so all systems appear to be ‘go’ — no, she didn’t trust her sense of humor. Not that she trusted the truth either — no, the truth wasn’t the problem — or her judgement, yes she knew what the truth was — but could she communicate that truth, could her words represent that truth, and even if yes, she could speak the truth, would Jimmy understand her words, see the truth behind them?

But the truth was all she had, for better or worse.

“This is the only place I want to be.” Kassie felt like smiling, but her mouth did not turn upwards, as if the required muscles were atrophied. “This is the only place where I feel like I belong.”

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