Practice 2A

Annie looked over at her teammates, examined their lunges. Kassie was still mostly upright, as if she had stopped midway through her lunge. Butch’s front leg was straight, back leg flexed at the knee, as if he were lunging backwards. Bernie — Bernie actually looked good, back leg powerfully straight, front leg planted firmly, upper body balanced slightly to the back, shoulders level, weapon arm up and out.

She came out of her crouch, walked over to the line. “Kassie, come out more,” she called, walking over to the slender teen and lightly kicking at the heel of her front foot. “Little bit more — there. Bend that leg, straighten the back.” She walked behind Kassie, placed hands on her shoulders. “Straigthen your body — no, don’t move your legs. Get low. Now — straight. Keep the shoulders level.” Annie moved forward, grabbed Kassie’s right arm. “Elbow staight. Rotate the hand, thumb up and to the right, at 1 o’clock. Turn the wrist in a little, so your hand’s turning in to the opponent. Good. Now bring the arm up — and out. Hand should be at the level of your head, just below the ear.”

Annie come out from behind Kassie, stepped in front of her, looked her over. “There. Perfect. How’s that feel?”

“Weird. Like I’ll never be able to get into this position without you adjusting me.”

“It will come, just keep practicing,” Annie replied, moving on to Butch.

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