Taking a long flight today with my family, with a long layover, during which I did my ten minutes of footwork practice. Basic stuff — advance up, retreat down; two advances then a retreat, increment the advances and retreats by one, then another; lunge, advance lunge, doulbe-advance lunge, triple-advance lunge; advance, retreat, lunge. Keep running through the drills until I hit ten minutes.

Without a weapon in hand (and not even extending with my arm, to minimize the number of stares from curious onlookers), I found myself focusing on form more than I usually do — turning the back foot slightly forward (difficult for me to do without coming out of my crouch); keeping the back hip in (also difficult when the back foot isn’t perpendicular to the front); tightening the butt; keeping the weight 60% on the back, with center of gravity on a line down between my head and back shoulder. I’ll be without my equipment while on vacation these next two weeks, so I’ll continue to focus on those fundamentals as I practice.

Which I fully intend on doing. I’ve kept the daily practice streak going since April 29, and I’m not planning on letting it end without effort on my part. And if I can find time to practice in an airport, I can find time to practice at our destination.

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