Coach Dan’s Tale 2G

The snowflakes became smaller, heavier, now falling on the windshield and melting instead of flying past. Coach Dan turned on his wipers.

Fifteen minutes later he arrived at the Odyssey Apartments, his “home” for the past four years. His landlord reminded him regularly that he had several nice condominiums available, on the other side of the river, closer to the school, but he never found that prospect appealing. He could not articulate why, but there was something that appealed to him about the Odyssey, a complex of three buildings, each with four floors, ten units per floor.

Coach Dan pulled into his reserved spot next to the middle building, “Odd B” as he called it. Upon entering the building he opened his mail slot, found among the numerous pieces of junk mail a letter, with a single line in the upper left corner, bearing the name, in hastily scrawled capital letters, of JOSEF HADIK, Coach Dan’s fencing coach in college.

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