Coach Dan’s Tale 2D

“Thanks again for taking Naussie tonight,” Steph said as the service door closed. “Gene usually takes her on Wednesdays, but he’s working these crazy hours for this case he’s on.”

“I understand,” replied Coach Dan, with the same understanding he displayed the three previous times Steph had provided the same explanation. “How’s your father?”

“All right. Seemed to have more energy tonight.”

“It’s great of you to take time to see him. He needs you.”

Steph sighed, smiled. “He does. Thank you for making it possible.”

“Not a problem.” He swung his right hip out, in the direction of his car, large snowflakes dissolving instantly as they descended upon it in the driveway. He stopped himself, turned back to Steph. “Sorry we were late tonight. The instructor wanted to work with Nausie — ”

“Cartwheels, yes, I figured that out.”

“There was this other girl with her. I talked to her mother — can’t remember her name.” The awkwardness of the thought in his mind kept him from giving it voice.

“Holly Svenson?” Coach Dan relaxed, seeing that Steph was going to make this easy for him. He shook his head, no. “Callie? Callie Jones?” Definitely not. Steph paused, looked up at the ceiling, her body shivering involuntarily. “Prajakta Gupta?”

Bingo. “Yes.”

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