Coach Dan’s Tale 1J

Coach Dan came up from his lunge, returned to his seat, down jacket swishing loudly as he moved in the small room. “And that’s what I told Josef — I’m done, I said. My fencing days are over. I even pointed my knee, I remember.

“Old Josef, though, wasn’t having any of that. Arthritis, both knee, he told me. I taught you sitting in chair, no? And yeah, that’s exactly how he ran the team, sitting from the bleachers, yelling out instructions. You get chair, he tells me, go back to Bark Bay, teach fencing.

“That’s when I said probably the dumbest thing I could have told him at the moment. Sorry, I’m just not interested anymore.

Coach Dan rose from his chair suddenly, his action drawing surprised stares from every member of his small audience.


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