The Academy 2F

[Slight change to end of last entry — no need for Rex to apologize again for making Coach Dan run late]

Rex sees them too, and when he rises out of en garde position I also relax.

I hear Rex saying something, and the only word I’m able to make it from behind the gray metal of his mask is here.

“What?” I ask.

More muffled words, here coming across again. He must be asking something about the field house. “What about here?” I ask. Rex shakes his head, leans forward and speaks loudly, so now I can definitely here him say, “No, here.”

“Here? You mean the field house?”

Aaaaah he exclaims, raising his left hand up to his head and removing his mask quickly. “I said, I couldn’t hear you.” He shakes his mask, points with his right index finger at my mask, being careful to keep his foil pointed down.

“Oh,” I say, taking off my mask. Rex starts talking again, but there’s a clatter of foils coming from the Academy fencers and all I can make out is hear.

“Yes, it’s still a little hard to hear, but it’s a little better now without the masks.”

Rex shakes his head again, and I can tell he’s losing patience. He leans forward, and almost yells, “No, here,” he says, pointing down with his right index finger, his foil now pointed back and to his right. “I asked, have you ever been here before.”

“Oh! OK. Sorry. No, this is the first time I’ve been in the field house.”

Rex rolls his eyes, then smiles in a way that tells me that he’s just as amused as he is annoyed. “I meant the Academy. Have you ever been here before?”

“Ah,” I say, but before I continue talking I take the more efficient communication route, and simply shake my head. Rex nods with a look of relief, then puts his mask back on.

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