The Academy 1J

They all have their names in blue block letters on the legs of their fencing pants, which allows me to remember them from the spring.

HARRIS. Jane Harris, the one who called hey, probably to Francis. She’s just as good as he is, which means she’s a lot better than anyone at Bark Bay. But she’s not all stuck-up like Francis, she’s not like I’m only going to pay attention to you if you’re a good fencer. She’ll talk to you, make jokes, laughs at mine even when they’re not funny. I like Jane.

YODER. Jamie Yoder. Competes in all three weapons, he’s pretty good at each, but he seems to like sabre best. He’s good friends with Double-J and Rex. I fenced him back in the spring, got one touch in I think. He’s fast.

JENSEN. I was hoping Wanda would be here. She was the one Academy fencer I beat last year. We were tied at 4, and she did a parry-riposte that landed on me, but the ref said her action came after my continutation which had been off-target. Coach Sarah got real upset and the ref almost gave her a warning, but we went on and when we got back I feinted a disengage and hit her on the left shoulder, just barely on target. Coach Dan was real happy after the tournament, said my victory meant that everybody on the Bark Bay team had beaten at least one Academy fencer that day. He was all rah-rah, said we showed that we could take on anybody. I don’t know about that — I don’t think the Academy’s half as good as they think they are, but even if they’re only half as good as I think, they’re still better than us.

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