The Academy 1I

Francis takes off this long jacket he has, so now we can see his fencing shorts. They go down to just below the knee, and they’ve got these suspenders, thin white strips that go up the front of his blue t-shirt, then over the shoulders and back down. On the outside of either leg, PINE is written in blue block letters. Franci looks ready to jump on the strip and start fencing right now. Then I look over at Butch, who still has his jacket on and he’s wearing jeans for crying out loud, then I realize I’m wearing jeans too — got up late this morning, rushed out the door and forgot to put on my sweats — and I’m thinking we don’t even look like we belong here. Except for Annie, who’s got these sleek blue track pants on, with a white stripe down the sides. Annie knows what she’s doing, I’ll give her that.

Hey. The voice echoes as a I turn, and there’s three more Academy fencers walking towards us. I don’t recognize the faces but I know they’re from the Academy cuz-of they’re all wearing fencing shorts like Francis. I can see the blue block letters down the legs, can’t read the names yet. Only the Academy fencing team wears fencing shorts. Well there’s the En Garde! club too, Dr. Schmidt’s fencers, but they only show up for the big tournaments. Don’t think we’ll see them today.

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