Pardon the interruption

This holiday morning I decided to change my blog address to Being a guy, I decided not to read the instructions; being impatient, I didn’t read the on-screen prompts; being overly confident in my own techno skills, I decided there was nothing I could do that couldn’t be undone.

After a frantic fifteen minutes of thinking that I had suddenly lost nearly two years worth of blog posts, I decided to approach this project with the attention it deserved.

So here’s the deal — if you go to my old blog address,, you should be redirected automatically to my new address, I’ll decide later whether to abandon drkenrogers entirely, or use it for writing other than my novel project.

I think I’ve got the redirect working right — fire off a note to me (subject line of “Hey Einstein”) if you run into any problems.

And if you’re at all curious about the significance of the name Keigh Ahr, I’ve added an explanation to my About page.


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