Chapter 4.3U

Double-J turned to Annie, slowly. And I really don’t think your dad getting elected is going to change anything.

Do we need to do this again Annie replied with an exasperation that was both visible and audible. If he wins — when — our family won’t be able to sell land to the state for the bridge, it’s the law. The Beacon’s gone over this already, and my father’s answered.

Double-J laughed bemusedly. You don’t think you’re father’s got a plan to get around the law once he’s in power?

Annie waved her arms dismissively at Double-J, turned from him, looked back down at the town. She saw the snow-covered outline of a children’s baseball field in the distance, metal backstop opened onto a field of white.

You played Little League, right? she asked.


And my father was your coach, right? She saw him nod. How was that?

Double-J looked down, snorted a laugh. It was great. He was great.

Took you for ice cream after you won the championship, right?

Double-J stood up straight, stared directly at Annie. If you think the memory of a hot fudge sundae’s going to change my opinion, you’ve got another thing coming.

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