Chapter 4.3S

Annie stopped, feet together and body upright once again, stared directly at Double-J. Do you know that the origin of that word is?

Double-J stopped, turned to her, was about to speak but stopped as Annie continued, It comes from a Dutch word, fokken, which not only means — what you think, but it also means to strke, to hit. It’s a violent word, it even sounds violent, all those consonants surrounding a weak guttural vowel, almost like they’re crushing it. Every time you use it, it doesn’t sound like you’re talking, trying to communicate, but more like you’re attacking. So yeah, your language bothers me.

That’s not what I’ve heard replied Double-J. It’s actually an anocronym for an Irish law against adultery. When people got caught fooling around, they’d get charged — he now stood upright, lifting his chin — ‘For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.’ That’s the reason the word’s got so much power, it has it’s origin in the law, it’s associated with control.

I think that’s bogus Annie replied.

Double-J laughed. You know, you sound like a prude when you reject the truth like that.

Annie sighed. And you sound like a fucking jerk.

Double-J’s eyes widened reactively. Then he smiled, laughed, walked over to Annie, located a snowbank free of visible dirt behind her, and shoved her into it.

Annie fell, laughing, balled snow with both hands and sat up, flinging both at Double-J, who turned with a laugh as both balls of snow splattered against his back.

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