Chapter 4.3R

Annie walked swiftly, her feet scrunching angrily in the snow. Double-J followed her silently, not moving as she hurried past him, finally following her when she was several feet ahead.

Double-J lifted his head, called to her. Didn’t know my language bothered you so much. Annie grunted affirmatively, not turning back to him. I always talk that way.

Not in practice you don’t Annie replied.

Just playing by the rules Double-J replied. Over the years I’ve learned to pick my battles with authority, and I’ve learned language isn’t a battle they’re willing to lose. So I let Coach Dan and everyone else win that one.

Annie laughed. You’re the only person who thinks Coach Dan is an authority figure.

Double-J had caught up to Annie, was now walking beside her, could see her face staring intently ahead. We all think it Double-J said. I’m just the only one with the guts to say it.

You say lots of stuff Annie replied as she continued her intent walk forward. And your language is hurtful. It’s got nothing to do with authority, it’s how you trest people.

They’re just words Double-J replied. If you — and he now paused for emphasis, staring directly at Annie — CHOOSE to be offended by them, I can’t control that.

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