Chapter 3.2B

Suddenly a high-pitched voice to their right called out DAAAA-NEEEEEE, the team recognizing before turning in her direction that they were being greeted by Coach Sara of the Academy, who was now rushing to greet them, arms extended towards them. Double-J swore.

“Hello Sara,” Coach Dan replied before accepting her embrace. Coach Sara stepped out, her eyes sweeping over the team members.

“You Bark Bay Bad Boys are Back for more Bedlam, are you?” she called, exaggerating each alliterative b. Making no attempt to hide his disdain, Double-J rolled his eyes said, “Excuse me, But I have to go to the Bathroom and have a Bowel movement,” and walked away.

“Double-J’s mentally prepared for sabre, I see,” said Coach Sara, then confirming that Rex would compete in both foil and epee, with Annie and Bernie competing in foil. “And your newcomers as well?” she asked Coach Dan as she pointed first towards Butch (standing next to Coach Dan and looking attentively at Coach Sara), then Kassandra (standing furthest back, and looking back at the doors they had entered through).

Coach Dan shook his head. “A shame,” called Coach Sara. “Fencing is the only way to learn how to fence. You’re too cautious with your fencers, Dan, and you need a team you know, how long do you expect Bark Bay High’s going to put up with your rag-tag bunch? No offense, everyone,” she said, now facing the team directly, “in fact I admire you, you have to use second-hand equipment, stuff teams like ours didn’t have any use for — ”

Coach Dan jerked his head back, tightened his lips, braced himself for the unfortunate yet unstoppable verbal barrage.

” — and I bet they didn’t give you guys a bus to get here did you?” — Annie shoke her head — “they still have you in that cafeteria, no gym time?” — Annie nodded — “it’s disrespect I tell you, I’d never put my team through that, would quit before it came to that, I could start my own club you know, Tony keeps bugging me has he asked you yet?” (she was now looking at Coach Dan, who nodded) “Lord knows with your salary you need the money more than I do are you going to accept?” (Coach Dan shook his head) “good because I’m afraid most of you wouldn’t be able to afford Tony’s lessons, no offense of course, it’s just that we need more fencers, there’s so few of us, that’s why I admire what Coach Dan is doing for you, hey I gotta go, got two new fencers first meet is today,promise to take it easy on them, share some of the medals with us this time, bye.”

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