Chapter 3.2A

They entered through what had originally been a service entrance when the gymnasium had been built several decades ago, when the large athletic parking lot was a long berm. These stairs therefore lead down, and when the parking lot was built later the decision had been made to keep the stairs in their original orientation. The team descended these stairs and entered the gymnasium.

Ceiling lights reflected off the hardwood floor, which was in good shape, not much being asked of it in recent years. It was painted for one full-sized basketball court, with two additional backboards and painting along either side for the half-court games that were popular among the College coeds. The bleachers that were originally installed at the building’s construction had long been replaced with maintenance and administrative offices.

About twenty people were in the gym when the team arrived. In the center of the court, an adult man and women were using blue painter’s tape to mark the boundaries of a fencing strip. At either end was a gray box, about two feet square and low to the ground, with a hole near the top of one end from which a wire, about an inch in diameter, snaked out. A clip and socket at the end of this wire prevented it from coiling past the hole into the device. Another wire ran from the other end of each device, and this second wire was connected to a small machine mounted on a table located outside the middle of the fencing strip.

Two other adults were assembling another strip on the far end of the court. Later, a third strip would be built immediately in front of the old service doorway, from which the Bark Bay Fencing Club now walked through.

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