Chapter 3Y

Traffic in the College town was light, being a Saturday morning without a football game on the schedule. Double-J pulled into the central parking lot, a massive area of several hundred square feet of uneven asphalt and faded yellow paint. The lot was adjacent to most of the College’s athletic buildings — football stadium, baseball and track fields, the basketball arena.

This morning there were only about 20 cars in the lot, all concentrated around the side entrance to building that was dwarfed by the larger, more modern looking facilities around it. Rex pointed to a white van parked closest to the entrance, as if to acknowledge that the Academy had indeed arrived for the tournament.

Double-J parked the car, and as its occupants got it Coach Dan pulled up beside them. Rex walked behind the Coach’s car, and waited for the trunk to be opened with the same still patience of the cool autumnal air around him.

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