A popular song played on Butch’s radio. Double-J groaned audibly, causing Rex to smirk and shake his head. Annie turned to Butch, asked him to change the station, but Bernie said, “wait.”

“You actually WANT to hear that crap?” bellowed Double-J.

“I like that song,” Bernie said.

Annie nodded, adding that Bernie had said he had like a similar song last week.

“What else do you like?” Double-J asked. He named a few other recently popular songs. Bernie nodded.

“You know those are all songs about divorces, break-ups,” Double-J observed. “That tells me your either intimately familiar with the subject, or aspire to the feeling.”

“Not really,” said Bernie. “What I like about these songs is their honesty. The singer has nothing to prove to their ex-lover – they’re not going to get anything in return, there’s no ulterior motive.”

“Tell that to their accountant,” Double-J replied, drawing a laugh from the team.

“So yeah, they’re professional musicians. But their inspiration has to come from somewhere, has to have something other than a monetary objective. Yes, they want to sell records, but if that was their only motivation their music wound sound contrived, wouldn’t feel authentic. It’s in the breakup somgs where musicians become honest about themselves. You don’t see that degree of honesty mcuh of anywhere else, and that’s why I like these songs.”

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