“I’m a fan because my Dad’s a fan,” Butch said. “He says being a sports fan helps him feel young.”

“But he plays sports too,” said Bernie. “He plays in the basketball league at the YMCA with my father. That’s what keeps him young.”

“Yeah, of course. But he says watching sports makes him feel like a kid, and he enjoys that feeling of wonder. Being a sports fan keeps him in touch with a feeling he’s had since he’s been a boy. He says when he’s watching sports, he can forget about all his adult obligations, he can live in his own little world for a while. And he knows he always needs to come back to the real world, but he also knows he’s always got his special little world, a world of youth, available to him. And he takes a lot of comfort in that.”

“Most sports fans aren’t like that,” said Double-J. “They’re obsessive and narrow-minded.”

“Not my Dad,” said Butch. “He’s a pretty special guy.”

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