“You have no idea,” he said, his voice fatigued, “how difficult it is for me to let things alone. When I see a problem, I want to jump on it, solve it, get it out of the way. It’s bad enough to see someone drop the ball, but it’s even harder for me to watch the ball lying on the ground, waiting for it to be stolen away or tripped over. You have no idea how much I want to fall upon every loose ball I see, but I’ve learned over the years that for every ball I dive for, there’s two others I’m leaving myself in no position to recover. It’s not a matter of faith, in trusting that someone else will pick up the ball. The answer isn’t in the serenity prayer, in knowing the difference between what I can change. It’s accepting the existence of a ball lying on the ground, that no matter how out of place it may seem — that’s where it is, and that’s where I need to leave it.”

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