Double-J’s Reading List

I really don’t find much stuff that’s worth reading. Most of the new stuff that’s out there is pretty lame – cheap melodrama and titillation – reading that kind of garbage makes me feel stupid. And the classics, they’ve all been read and studied so many times, what’s the point? You’re only supposed to think what your parents or teachers think about them anyway, so what’s the point of coming up with your own opinion, it’ll just be wrong anyway.

One book I have read lately is “The Catcher in the Rye.” I think the author’s hit the nail on the head, the world is a bunch of phonies. Maybe that’s just the narrator’s point of view and the author doesn’t really think that way, who knows maybe he’s making fun of people like me who think like the narrator. If that’s the case, then screw the author, that just means Holden’s more real to me than he is to the author. Can reader’s really know more about characters than the authors who create them? Yeah, if the author’s a jackass who got lucky. Anyway, I really like that book, I’ve read it a few times even, and the fact that it’s been banned in every bookstore and library within a twenty mile radius of this stinking town – no joke, I’ve been keeping track of this ever since Coach Dan gave it to me a couple years back – makes me like it even more.

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