Double-J’s Reviews

Amazes me the crap my so-called “intellectual” teammates read. Annie is doing what all the good little girls who’ll inherit a fortune do – read the prescribed classics, the operating instructions for the ruling class. She’ll never have an original thought for herself, which is fine so long as she does what she’s told.

Bernie and Butch are into this sci-fi crap, with a little Tolkien thrown in for good measure. I honestly think they haven’t read the whole Ring trilogy yet (which, come to think of it, would show better judgement on their part than they usually display). Reading that stuff gives them the illusion that they’re unique, but what they’re doing is just substituting one paradigm for another. They’re just finding a different way to be the same as everybody else – comfortable rebellion.

Rex is into the Three Musketeers, Cyrano de Bergerac, Zorro – the stuff everybody else thinks we all read. Can’t stand the way he keeps reinforcing the stereotypes that I keep fighting against. His idiotic escapism is what gives all of us a bad name.

Kassandra’s into Shakespeare and Lovecraft, which is fitting, because you can’t understand any of their writings, much like you can’t understand anything Kassandra says, and when you do accidentally figure out what she’s talking about, you regret it.

I don’t think Dawn reads. Probably not so bad, because it would be a waste of time, given her lack of intellectual acumen. Coach keeps giving her books to read – mostly contemporary stuff, pulp novels without many multiple-syllabic words – but I don’t understand why. The effort’s lost on her, and if she ever were to find out the truth about herself through her reading, she’d probably get so depressed she’d kill herself.

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