“I don’t get you,” said Annie. “You act like you have some agenda that you keep to yourself. Even when we were going out last year, you acted like you wanted to be somewhere else. That’s why I couldn’t stand being with you – you never acted like you wanted to be with me. I was a means to some kind of end.

“and what you’re doing now with Bernie, it’s just sick. You’re torturing the poor guy, and I have no idea why.”

“Don’t you think he should be able to take care of himself?” asked Double-J. “If I’m causing him so much grief, why doesn’t he fight back? I can’t help it if he’s such a typical, privileged softy.”

“look, can you knock it off with that self-serving crap,” said Annie. “you think because you haven’t had it as god as some of us, that gives you the right to be a jerk. Listen, there’s a lot of people in this world, in this town even, who would switch positions with you in a heartbeat. You want to feel sorry for yourself, fine. But keep me out of it. And because Bernie’s my teammate, I want you to back off him as well.”

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