“the problem is, you have no trust.”

“didn’t peg you as a particularly trusting person.”

“If you’re talking about trusting other people, hell no. People aren’t worth a damn. Trust I’m talking about is in the future, it’s about knowing everything’s going to work out fine.

“see, people like you, you’ve been given everything in life, so you don’t have to trust in anything. It just comes to people like you. When you live like I do, trusting in the future is a survival skill.

“So when adversity strikes you, you don’t know what to feel. Something’s not given to you, you don’t know how to respond. That’s why you freeze up all the time. Me, when my back’s to the wall, I’ve been there so many times that responding in those situations is second nature to me. The trust I have is in myself, and the world. You’ve never had to trust anyone, and nobody’s ever had to trust you. That’s why Ihave success, and you don’t.”

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